Internships at Proctor + Stevenson

From Proctor + Stevenson, a marketing and communications agency based in Bristol:

‘Here at Proctor + Stevenson we have a flourishing design intern project where we offer selected candidates the experience of working alongside design professionals in a busy studio. The placement is over 8 weeks, during which we will make a contribution to an intern’s travel/living expenses. The scheme fully exposes the designer to live jobs for real clients managed by the senior team who give advice and direction as and where needed, including references and folio reviews at the end of the internship.’

‘Although it isn’t a guarantee of future employment it might be worth noting that nearly a third of our designers have been taken on full time after a successful internship with us.’


‘Many of the team here at Proctors have graduated either from UWE or Bath Spa University and we appreciate the input that the local colleges have given the industry, which is why we are looking to your college for prospective candidates.’


If you think that you could benefit and thrive in an environment like that, then please apply in writing to Caroline on with a full CV and sample folio of work.

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