“Lighting The Way’ design for social change project calls for designers

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“Lighting the Way”: First meeting on 3 March at 1pm in the SU Bar at Bower.

Do you walk / cycle via Festival Way beneath the underpass? Do you worry about personal safety when the clocks go back? Would you like to get involved with an artistic intervention to draw attention to the lack of lighting? We have won a small Student Experience grant to test out some glow in the dark, reflective and luminescent materials and solar lighting and we’re looking for volunteers to get involved.

We need:
• Graphic designers, illustrators, graffiti artists, anyone who enjoys painting and making
• DIY people to help fit solar lighting
• Journalists to cover the story
• Photographers to document it
• Filmmakers to film it
• People to canvass passersby and get them to sign a petition
• Social media people to disseminate and raise awareness and manage online petition
• Researchers to find out what longer-term solutions are possible and to cost them
• Curators to programme future artistic interventions
Could count as WORK EXPERIENCE!

In the longer term we hope to use this artistic intervention to put pressure on the Council and UWE to do something about the lighting so that next year, when the clocks go back, students and staff are not scared of walking / cycling. This is a personal safety / health and safety issue and a sustainability / environmental issue.

We would like to use the documentation to make a UWE Hubbub crowd-funding appeal to raise money and ask UWE/ Council to match fund what we raise.

If you are interested then email charlotte.crofts@uwe.ac.uk or email myself amy2.tanner@uwe.ac.uk with “Lighting The Way” in the subject to express your interest and identify which areas you can help with / any artistic ideas.

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