Capture Love & Fear—Chen Mun Hong

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This book is a interpretation of John Keat’s poem,“Ode on a Grecian Urn’. I have discovered a Greek urn called the Sosibios vase. The poem focuses on the two scenes of the urn, one in which a lover eternally pursues a beloved without fulfilment; Another, of villagers about to perform a sacrifice to the gods. It can mean that they are showing their love or that they are just obeying because they fear the gods.

In my personal opinion, John Keats’ poem captures love & fear on the urn physically and eternity. After having countless time researching and analysing, in the world we are living in now, there are so many places and objects that people have captured their personal love and fear experiences physically and forever. In the book, I’m writing about how people capture love and fear experiences physically.

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