Daniel Low: A Day Outside

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The project that I am doing is mainly concerned with visuals, but audio selection has also played a big part in it. The idea of what I am researching is how audio blends along with motion visuals. This is why most of the videos that I produce are related more to motion graphics. The concept of this project involves trying to experiment with sounds that

we hear daily, no matter whether obvious or not, as a medium for my motion graphic. I am trying to mix abstract shapes as visuals to work together with the audios that I have collected. Besides that, the abstract shapes that I created are mainly on the theme of impact, collision, reaction and transformation.

There will a number of different subjects in the project. For instance, I did some experimental visuals on ambient songs, sounds that can be heard in daily life and natural sounds.

In the end, I will try to compile the audios that I have collected and make it into a short clip. I might not even know what the outcome will be, but it will be interesting to step back from the creative process and let the motion take over control. 

project website: adayoutside.daniel-low.co.uk