Hip-Hop Culture: The Power Of Influence & Consumerism – George Richmond

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Hip-Hop Culture: The Power Of Influence & Consumerism

Here I bring light to the increasing level of exposure through the power of hip-hop culture and document just how often it is used to draw attention to a company or item variating from theĀ genre itself.

I aim to create a greater awareness of just how effective this genre can be used for advertisement, consumerism and influence. I did this in the form of 4 videos:

Each video has its own category; Drinks, Shoes, Drugs and Guns.

They can be viewed on Vimeo at:

Hip-Pop (Drinks) :


Hip-Knot (Shoes) :


Trip-Hop (Drugs) :


Hip-Shot (Guns) :


I produced a DVD case and discs to hold all 4 short videos in individual DVD format. A poster was included in the package.


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