Ting Hui Sze: Play

  • Design Interactions
  • Moving Image
  • Student Work
  • Type & Print

The aims of this project is to demonstrate a place to let people have a space/ platform to play games and improve relationships. This project will be a family game for both parent and child. By the end of the module, I hope I can create a platform for parent and child to play and interact with each other, thus developing a better relationship.

Parents’ participation plays a key role in a child’s development during the early years of their lives. Modern parents are too involved in their work and do not have the time to participate in this process of development. Due to work commitments, the child is usually sent to a caretaker. This does not develop the parent-child bond which could affect the child’s character development. The purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity for the parent to participate actively in the development of a young child. The process of building and playing the interactive piece will evoke curiosity and provide the child a platform to learn and understand shapes and alphabets.

The artworks are designed for children and adults, allowing parents to participate in their child’s learning to recognise new things. At an early age, children are curious and are beginning to learn about the things around themselves. I hope that children can play and learn the alphabet through my 3-Dimensional alphabet. Besides that, adults also can get involved through building the alphabet while will develop patience and micro motor skills. This family game can therefore help develop relationships between child and parent.