Kathryn Evans-Prosser: Eric Arthur Blair by George Orwell

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A response to the ‘Books Still’ brief set by the International Society of Typographic Designers which awarded me entry to the society.

I have created a piece of work which challenges the conventional ‘book’. My response was to take the life of Eric Arthur Blair (formerly known as George Orwell) and describe this through a series of single sheets. It can be pieced together using the elements that run off the page. These connect to another one to create small snippets of narrative.

The page numbers help piece together the world map which is printed in sections on the back of each page, this creates a record of everywhere Blair lived and travelled to in his life.




KathrynEP_ISTD_Book_Design_1_typenowhereKathrynEP_ISTD_Book_Design_3_typenowhere KathrynEP_ISTD_Book_Design_2_typenowhere