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With the arrival of Google Glass and its ability to take video, images or deliver maps on demand –  we held a one-day workshop exploring the potential for ‘glasses’ to have a wider purpose.

Students were asked to respond to the following questions:
How could they improve people’s lives?
How might they affect social interactions?
Would they be a good thing or a bad thing?
Glasses were given a name that relates to their functionality.

// Myoscope-Vision-1 – allows you to see inside the mind of the person in front of you
// Super-Vu-Wer – time travel glasses that will take you back in time // Spectascopes – Microscope lenses to enable you to see the details in life

// Safety Goggles – for use in unsafe areas to detect danger, they emit an alert signal and safety suit is released from the side // Perspectacles – they allow you to see things from all points of view

// Reality Crusher –  allows you to choose your own reality // Photo Optics – can take pictures anywhere, anytime



// Noseyglass – enable you to nosey into the mind of someone else to steal their secrets // Headspace – puts you on your own into a location where you can take 5 minutes out from the world


// Photoglass – views everyday life through a Photoshop filter of your choosing // Spinoclulars – allow you view any memory you wish



// Equality glasses – made for people who are negative towards other people , allowing them to see the abuse from the other person’s point of view // Pozispecs – allow you to see the world in a positive way


// Soundscopes – record sound while taking photos // Baby Brush – a double comb/brush that pumps creativity into your soul

// Geodesic Perspective Modifiers – for viewing the world in a different way // Double R’s – allow you to record and play back the important parts of your day so you don’t forget anything

// Coolglasses – make people think you are cool // Opacityspecs


// Dont-waste-my-time-acles – to enable you to block out people you don’t want to see or hear // Refrospectacles – they Harvard reference anything you  look at


// Helping Hands – give you an extra pair of hands when you’re own won’t do // Memoglass – twist the dials to return to your old memories

// Carbonlens – measure the co2 emission levels in houses // Zoomo 300 – they allow you to zoom in on what you are looking at


// Bifocalxray – an instant medical scan for doctors to use with patients //Bright Eyes – for SAD sufferers to deliver bright colours and vitamin D through the lenses


// Easysleep – allow you to sleep through a lecture and still listen and remember what has been said //Lovacles – let you see how much everyone’s mum’s love them


// FrameMyEyes – take screen shots of your day and capture them on detachable slides you can display // Magic glasses – speak to the microphone and it will take you to a place you want to go

// Doodlespecs – record your eye movements as drawings when you forget your sketchbook // Allergen Apertures – emit a light to warn you when allergens are spotted in food


// Translatacles – translate any text in to your first language // Crazy Cat Lady Glasses – for humans who prefer the company of cats


//Audio Goggles for the deaf – translates sound into words and displays on the screen // Rainwater Filtering Glasses – for homeless to collect and filter drinking water for free


// Telepathic Visual Communicators – enable you to communicate with another wearer to share information on screen without speaking