The Drooping Head Manifesto—Sophie Doyle

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The Fear or Reality.

We are being physically and mentally shaped by the constant expansion of digital technologies and our society is dependent on this media.



This pocket-sized tool allows us at all times to tune in and communicate information and entertainment.


How We Enjoy.

We spend at least two hours a day hunched over our phones, flicking, swiping, taping through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatApp, Tinder, Facebook. We keep checking over and over again. Has anything changed, has someone posted up another image of themselves? no, nothing new. Don’t worry we can still flick through other profiles Instagram has suggested we follow.



We are the generation that hunches over, looking down instead of up. We are the experiment. How many hours a day do you need to be on your phone for you to need a supoport mechanism?


Help and Support your Wellbeing.

This body support allows us to spend as much time on our phones as we want. There’s no need to worry, this is the ultimate physcial platform.


The Alternative Support.

No need for the full body? Aneck brace has been created for you to rest your drooping head on.


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