RISK— Hayden Bellamy

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In our society today, we are faced with all kinds of contests. It seems everything has been competitionalised in some way or another. We compete to live, we compete for fun, and sometimes we put a lot on the line just to compete at all. RISK is an investigation into why we put ourselves on […]

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The Metal Pillow— Lotus Wanmanyan

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There are many everyday objects that we take for granted, the pillow is probably one of them. In this project, I changed a substance from its physical state of soft to solid is that I would like to invite you spend some quantity time to appreciate the beauty of pillow. While the idea of an interactive space was part of this […]

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cmd:Shred— James Sharpe

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A mobile hand-crafted shredder, allowing the public to manually dispose of their sensitive information. Our online privacy is dead. Most people don’t event know what information they are giving up or to whom. A call to action is needed too put our data back into our hands and retain our rights. As people are so willingly giving up their personal information […]

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Milestones: The Syrian Conflict— Ruben Wilde

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This project is about the Milestone of our time right now – The Syrian refugee crisis. This 1 minute animation aims to raise more awareness about the issue by starting with the cause of it, known as the Syrian Conflict. Its vital that people know how this milestone came about and what we can do […]

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The Happiness Dictionary— Elliot Gordon

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I have always found it rewarding when being able to make someone laugh or smile, and decided to focus on this topic in particular for my final major project. Making people laugh is something I have always found intriguing, I believe it a skill. I decided to try and have fun with the work I […]

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M19 Demonstration— Abi Willmington

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This project is about the M19 demonstration in London opposing racism and in support of refugees. Only one major newspaper reported the event and that was the Daily Mail. The publication and video provides documentation of an event that would have otherwise stayed pretty much unreported. It is important that people make their voices heard. […]

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One In One Out— Jake Archer

In collaboration with Jack Wells and Tom Young. The EU—Turkey deal was struck in March as Europe wrestled with the continent’s worst migration crisis since the second world war, with more than 1 million people arriving last year. Under the agreement, designed to halt new arrivals along the most popular route through Turkey, all “irregular […]

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Live With Less (RSA) – Rebecca Wood

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    Stuff, things, junk – we’ve all got it, we rarely need it, and most of us want more of it, but how often do we really stop to consider the true cost of all this matter? Everything has its price in our consumer culture and we’re unconsciously gambling away our planet’s limited currency. […]

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Hidden Above Ground—Joe Samson-Hill

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An exercise in committing objects to be forgotten. In this case, swings, hidden in seldom seen, and relatively inaccessible places around the Tamar and Tavy rivers, Devon. In the slim possibility that they are stumbled upon, their function is universally understandable. https://vimeo.com/127526965 www.joesamsonhill.com

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Speechless—Martin Bodger

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We constantly flick through our social networks, we crave our morning fix, companionship becomes a shared outlet for our feelings and even the stuff we use have a chain linked dependence network of their own, so what happens when these are taken away? Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/martinbodger www.martinbodger.com

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