Ged Palmer: Sign of the Times – Jesse Webb

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A publication that celebrates the work of signwriter Ged Palmer. Signwriting is a handcraft that has been in slow decline due to cheaper and faster reproducible means of creating signs becoming more popular – often with a drastic loss in quality. This book follows Ged’s life, work, processes and how he feels about the industry. Awarded […]

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Privilege of Swearing— Jona Lim

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Do you ever feel privileged? Do you ever feel the privilege of swearing? This publication is a montage of the experiences collected from different cussing individuals. Warning – strong language is used on this book.  

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How to win a Nobel Prize— Liam Davenport

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This publication was submitted to the International Society of Typographic Designers for their student awards. This publication received a pass for its typographic knowledge and use of it. This publication informs the audience about the trends and patterns of the Nobel Prizes winners and how they can increase they chances of receiving a prize. http://liamdavenport.com/ […]

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Homely Food— Chuan Foo

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Homesickness is common for people studying abroad. As we stay abroad we have to learn to prepare our own food to cut down expenses. Chinese restaurant had adopted local taste so it tastes different and the price is not budget friendly. We create this publication to seek for the taste of home. A collaboration with […]

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Day of the Death— Ana Martinez

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This was a project for the ISTD Competition. One of the option subjects given was “Death”. I thought it was a subject I could relate to the Day of the Dead in Mexico and could get primary research from my personal experience of this celebration. My final outcome consisted of a hand made, laser cut […]

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Past, Present, Future— Tom Young

Past, Present, Future is a celebration of Letraset as one of the first democratisations of design. Realised through a risographed zine and series of posters constructed entirely from Letraset, the project presents a mean manifesto to celebrate the past and encourage the future. In collaboration with Will Bindley. www.tomyoung.co

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Level Playing Fields— Tom Williams

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Class effects us all, even as children. If you attend a certain school you may be more eligible than a child from a school down the road. This project is an investigation into how the children at both private and state schools see their futures, and comparing to see whether they are on a level […]

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Tactility— Elliott Harding

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This is a publication that explores 4 different print studios in Bristol. I produced prints for each studio using a different process each time. These processes included Lithography, Silk Screen, Letterpress and using a Risograph printer. Each print celebrated the process and acted as a catalyst for conversation surrounding the beauty of tactile prints. The […]

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Chasing Immortality— Yee Poon

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We fear the certainty of death as much as we fear eternal life. Today, the idea of living forever is becoming less of a fantasy as technology continues to progress. It is no longer absurd to imagine that there is a possible future where 300 is the new 30. Chasing Immortality opens up the conversation […]

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Vision for Bristol— Callum MacPherson

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Vision for Bristol is a project exploring the topic of Brutalist buildings within Bristol. Featuring the thoughts and opinions of one of the original architects from the Bristol brutalist period and members of the public, the book discusses the possible options for the buildings today. Callummacphersondesign.co.uk  

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