Duality Within Identity— Lottie Scrase Dickins

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Men in Lipstick is an exploration into the notion of current societal gender constructs and how some things are still, even in 21st century western culture, only deemed socially acceptable for one gender. My intention in creating this 200 page book, was to provide an opportunity for men and women to be open minded about what […]

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20/20— Will Bindley

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A campaign designed to encourage voting to the most apathetic in our society; 18–24 year olds. The project imagines what headlines could look like if the Conservative Party are re-elected at the 2020 general election. Created in collaboration Tom & Freddy. Newspaper wrapped in 3 letterpress prints. D&AD New Blood winner, 2016. http://willbindley.com/ http://powertothepeoplepowertothemasses.com/  

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戦争— Leah Witton

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On February 15th 1942 my Grandfather (Patrick Thompson) was captured by the Japanese during World War Two. This document is looking into his history through stories told by my Father and also the history of building the railway between Burma and Thailand. It will also look at WW11 and how coding was used during this […]

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Manual Of Deception— Ethan Kang

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Lying is one of the most common wrong act that we carry out as a human being, so it’s worth spending time thinking about it. Most of the people would think that lying is not an ethical act, unless there is a good reason behind. Therefore, lying becomes a subjective argument to judge the right […]

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The Happiness Dictionary— Elliot Gordon

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I have always found it rewarding when being able to make someone laugh or smile, and decided to focus on this topic in particular for my final major project. Making people laugh is something I have always found intriguing, I believe it a skill. I decided to try and have fun with the work I […]

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Seeking Refuge— Jess Reid

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Seeking Refugee explores the similarities of refugee’s fleeing from conflict. In the height of the Syrian refugee crisis, this book uses this as the basis of it’s topic, reflecting and comparing to other crisis’. The book was printed on fully waterproof paper, with a supporting screen printed sleeve, all based on the affect countries conflict […]

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Bristol floods— Bryony Fulton

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With global temperatures on the increase and climate change becoming more unpredictable it is inevitable that flooding will become more severe. This is a publication that focuses on preparing for severe flooding, with a cork cover to allow it to float. The details in the pages fit in with the flood plain map of bristol I made. […]

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M19 Demonstration— Abi Willmington

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This project is about the M19 demonstration in London opposing racism and in support of refugees. Only one major newspaper reported the event and that was the Daily Mail. The publication and video provides documentation of an event that would have otherwise stayed pretty much unreported. It is important that people make their voices heard. […]

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Body Image— Abbie Lewis

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The media has a strong hold on the society’s personal perceptions of what beauty is supposed to be, which are very often, idealistic, unrealistic and unattainable. In addition to this constant pressure, we are then naturally faced with obstacles and challenges throughout the journey of our lives, which are impacted by these media and society […]

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