UWE Snowsports Merch & Media secretary opportunity

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Keen snowboarder, skiier or do you just like snow?

UWE Snowsports run weekly training sessions at the local dry slope, have regular local and national competitions for racing & freestyle and hold socials every fortnight. 

They currently have around 370 members with ranging abilities (beginner to advanced to Team GB level) making us the largest sports club at UWE.

Information on Media & Merch position: 

One requirement would be a basic knowledge of photoshop as most of the role would include designing banners, Facebook adverts, posters, T shirts, logos etc. 

In the past our M&M rep has also been responsible for photography and filming at socials/competitions etc. 

Why join committee? 

We are a group of passionate people who love everything snow related, and as much success we have through competition our main aim is to have fun. 

As an extracurricular it gives you skills and opportunities I personally have not found outside of the club. 

There are also many perks of being part of the committee including a free ski trip, free merch, jacket etc. which ‘sweeten the deal’ 

If you are interested or would like more information then email : claremcguire093@gmail.com 

Introductory meetings will be held within the next month.

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