Yarp Cider logo design – ongoing paid opportunity plus 20 litres of cider

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Dear Students

I am going into production of cider.  It is going to be called YARP I have had the idea for the design but I don’t have the tools to get it onto my computer in the way I can use it usefully.

I will be launching a 20 litre box to begin with and will be expanding the range in the coming year.  Whoever is the person that helps with this, will be getting repeat custom from us as we get in to every different bottling run, bar taps, beer mats etc etc.  Would you like to help?

I have attached the idea that we would as our label. Please see attached VERY rough sketch

The picture that I have in mind is that the lettering should be done in a paint brush font (I have seen this one which I like http://www.fonthead.com/fonts/Lead-Paint ) and using the same font I would like the flagon built around the logo so that it all looks the same as an artist might have done with a paint brush.  If you know of better fonts I would happily discus different options

I would like to see what it looks like on a brown background with creamy yellow (cider colour) text and visa versa so we can see which stands out more.

Payment will be made with 20 litre bag in box for you to enjoy as well as a cash payment (for every label that you do in the future) that will be agreed if you decide you would like to yarp it up.

Please call me on 07786260695 if you would like to get involved


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 09.46.34

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